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About mainecoons


Many of us dreamed of an extraordinary pet, which will not onlybecome a wonderful friend and companion, but also be easy to care for andmaintain. A noble and beautiful Maine Coon cat is perfect for all this. handsome men are distinguished by their large size, unusual appearance, reminiscent of wild felines, as well as friendliness, calm character, intelligence, love and devotion to the owner. Maine Coon kittens instantly adapt in the house, grow comfortably, without spoiling at the same time furniture and interiors, which noticeably distinguish them from other breeds.
Maine Coon is a very friendly and peaceful cat. He loves to spend time in the arms of the owner. Even despite its large size, this affectionate babycurls up in a ball on his knees, and quietly purrs until he falls asleep At the same time, ironing it is a pleasure - the long and silky wool easily slides between the fingers, calming the owner and relieving stress. What is remarkable, the Maine Coon's hair does not get lost, it is easy to care for it with the help of an ordinary puff.
Features of the breed.
If you want to buy a Maine Coon kitten, then you will surely make theright choice. Unlike representatives of many decorative breeds,Maine Coon has a unique character, as well as a number of other features,including: - the length of the cat can reach 1 m, and the weight - up to 12 kg.
A noble character, not allowing the seals to nag and direct orders in home. Therefore, if you decide to have a representative of this breed - rest assured that your furniture, curtains and interior itemswill remain intact.
Devotion to the owner and excellentinteraction with other animals allows you to get a fluffywithout the risk of conflicts. Maine Coon kittens get along well with others cats and even with dogs, are indifferent to hamsters and other small pets.
Are not afraid of water and walk well on a leash. This is perhaps one of the unique features that makes the Maine Coon a comfortable and convenient pet for every home .
Silence - the Maine Coon is an absolutely quiet breed. They do not scream or meow, and also are calm and balanced.
Interesting habits that are not characteristic of cats - due to their high level of intelligence, they they easily remember commands, and also stand out for the consistency and consistency of their actions.
But it is important to remember that all of the above characteristics are characteristic only of purebred representatives of the breed. called breed temperament, passed from generation to generation.
How to choose a Maine Coon kitten
Choosing a pet is a rather complicated process that requires knowledge of some rules:
First, you need to decide on color - red, brown or any other - only you decide how your little furry will look like.
Conditions of keeping - a properly grown kitten will have a bright color, shiny coat and a high rate of activity.
You can buy a true purebred Maine Coon kitten only from reliable breeders.
As for the choice of place of purchase, first of all you need to focus on those sellers who offer real breed representatives. Remember that saving a significant amount on the purchase, you will surely get a 'pig in a poke'. Therefore, if you want a real Maine Coon cat, you can buy it from us. We offer real representatives of this noble breed, which are professionally raised in the right conditions. Thanks to us, you will receive a magnificent pet that will delight you every day. And do not forget, the life expectancy of these cats reaches 20 years, so your pet will surely keep you friendly company for more than a dozen years.

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At what age is best to get a kitten?

After all the vaccinations, usually at the age not earlier than 3 months.

Who is better a boy or a girl character?

Girls, interesting boys, the boys are still on many things. In my opinion, breed interesting to watch, but especially individually.

What particularly to look for when choosing a kitten?

Pay attention first and foremost on the health and availability of documents. Kitten inherit from parents the appearance and character. Note on content cats parents. If the father marks, the kitten 100% to be marked.

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The site " Maine Coon Russia " was created in order to help catteryattach kittens in good hands - in Russia and not only. Kittens from catteries have documents (pedigrees or metrics), HCM tests (if no, we can order). When choosing kittens, we advise you to pay attention to parents, especially dad. Almost every kitten has a video. For all questions, write to me by mail or by phone number

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