The contents of the cat or cat the Maine Coon

If you decide to buy a Maine Coonshould definitely know details about caring for this breed of Pets. To maintain and to care for such a cat is not difficult, but in any case, from owners require responsibility, attention and integrity.

Create a comfortable environment for the kitten you have in the house

the most comfortable option for habitat, Maine Coonwill be the construction or purchase "of conodonta". It may be small design, where your pet can sleep or just relax. A personal area may also be exempted for cat shelf wardrobe, armchair, bookshelf, etc. Pet he will choose for himself excellent location, owners will only have to agree with him or to offer an alternative.

Select the right healthy food

Feed Kuhn recommended balanced dry food with the function removing hair. Also useful vegetables. For preventing the formation of tangles of hair in the stomach can give the cat shoots of cereal plants.
If you prefer a natural type of food, the basic diet of the Maine Coon must be offal meat, be sure the last heat treatment products should be boiled or deep-frozen. This will help to avoid infection with helminths. For Kunene will be useful chicken, Turkey, veal and beef. You can't give pet a tubular bones, lamb, pork, whole milk and raw fish.

Not forget about water – its lack can have more negative effects than deficiency of any other substances. Your pet needs have a separate bowl, always filled with cool and clean water.

Walking and physical activity

Before buy Maine Coon it is worth to note that active exercise is the main factor in the normal development of a cat of this breed. The movement provides the the required level of load on the well-developed muscles of the animal. Game cats are perceived as simulated hunting, so prepare for your pet a toy that he can "to hunt."

Coons are very powerful animals that retained wild instincts, so they need to go out as often as possible. Take out your pet on a leash or collar. They are happy to go for a walk in any weather – optimal walking 2-3 times a week.

Daily care of animals

Breed the Maine Coon belongs to the group polygonality and that would the hair was beautiful and healthy, you need to take care of it:

  • For removal of excess fluff and fur, it is desirable to brush the cat once in 2 day. For this you can use a special comb, and slicker brushes.
  • Bathe your pet every 2-3 months or as needed. It is desirable to use a shampoo for long haired breeds.
  • forget about the ears – coons they are pubescent on the inside, which can accumulate dirt or sulfur. For cleaning recommended to use a special fluid and q-tips.
  • Coon long and strong nails, so it is advisable that they constantly cut special tweezers and kogterezki.
No extra carry out daily inspection of ears, teeth, nose, eyes, everything must be clean. Through such simple actions is your favorite pet is always healthy, playful and will grow to the delight of the owner.

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