Smoky Maine Coon


Maine Coon smoky color like no other, like lynx or raccoon wild cat. When guests come to the house who isn't ready to see such a miracle, pop-up 7-10 pound handsome a meter in length makes an indelible impression.

there is no indifference – typically, surprise or fear. These cats can learn to do "angry face" from the category "Tsar I or not Tsar?" Although it really is the sweetest natured animals. They are called "gentle giants" for timidity and delicacy.

In the U.S. a popular joke that the Maine Coon – this is a gorgeous tail with a cat on the end. They have the longest tail of all breeds in the world! They sleep, turning them, even in the snow. Have smoked of cats, he, like the main coat, shimmers and plays hints on light. And the cat change the tone depending on lighting: natural sunlight seem brighter, with artificial darker. It turns out very effective, but at the same time delicate aesthetics. When you have such beauty, and other interior decorations is no longer necessary.

Smoky (also called smoke) tint is due to the fact that the coat of cats of black, cream or blue colors has a light, almost white roots. And the core of each hair is painted with different intensity along the entire length.

depending on the distribution of shade, you can buy smoky Maine Coon different types of color.

  • Smoke (smoke). in cats of this phenotype, each strand of wool dyed before the half.
  • Chinchilla. Hairs they have color only on the tips.
  • silver/ Silver smoke. All the wool they have a vague, translucent shade of smoke, and only on the tips the color dark blue or silver. Particularly impressive, these cats look in the "kit" with bright green eyes.
  • Cream or smoky cameo. This Maine Coon-chameleons – kittens are born without significant color and gain uneven feather growth. By the way, with beauties from the previous category silver this also happens. There is a rough guideline: cats who are white, more likely to have blue eyes, silver born with green eyes, and cameo with yellow or amber.
  • Furtive smoke. Painted 1/4-I of each thread.
  • Blue smoke. Seen in Maine Coon cattery with white roots and tips of the gray-blue hue.
  • Black smoke. Basal bare area is combined with carbon ends of wool.
  • Smoky veil. Every hair zatonirovany 1/8 length.

That smoky Maine Coon Pebls starred as Mrs. Norris, the cat of Argus Filch in the movies about Harry Potter.

In the international classification shade of "silver" or "smoke" is indicated by the code S (with a picture he considered to be "silver" without him "smoky").

In addition to joining the numbers indicating the features of the cat "Ombre. So, encoding 11 – means that the coat is shaded in 1/4 length, 12 – 1/8 and so on.

the WAY!
Turtle cats can also be smoked. You already knew that mark smoke more refers not to a specific color, and the method of coloring each of the hairs.

Maine Coon-"haze" have a special charm. They are written like watercolors the most talented artist in the world – nature. Gentle, with lots of color transitions, complex color-map colors, it really is the breed, the purpose of which admiration.

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