How to sell your Maine Coon?


You need to embed the kittens on our website?

How we sell kittens?

To embed kitten from us, you must provide the following information:

  • kittens in the sale must be metric or pedigree (adopt kittens only with their presence), or you must be officially registered nursery.
  • Welcome tests on HCM, PKdef, SMA kitten or parents
  • parents pedigrees, respectively, photo and description of each.
  • Pictures(4-5 pieces) and a video of the kitten(very recommended, but optional).
  • the Price of a kitten under sterilization(optional), price for breeding..
  • a description of the nature of a kitten in General, be sure about each kitten to describe its uniqueness!.
  • birth date.
  • the color of the coat.
  • Photo parents video, genetic testing of parents (if any), any information(names of awards some interesting facts).
  • Tel, name, email, City, kennel name.
  • we also ask you to confirm that you are the owner of this nursery - more info via Whatsapp or email.

All the questions write in WhatsApp number +79284334181, or email

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