White British fold


Said, cats is a small, cranky women, but coats have come in the base set. White Maine Coon mother nature has endowed a luxurious fluffy coat off. But with the vagaries is not set breed offers a friendly and balanced character, and pick and will not.

Maine Coon color white solid - a fully white cat. Solid coat color is the result of hard work of breeders, it is appreciated by the experts. Such pussies, even despite its gigantic size, hard to concentrate in the comfort of home. Soft, water color, delicate, they to old age look touching and sentimental at first glance. Their level of minimisethe – close to critical, and the cats are destined to be Pets in the family.

Maine Coon color white solid without spots – a potential participant of exhibitions, this color is allowed to participate without any reservations and is not included in the unrecognized shades of rocks.

by the Way, there are two subtleties.

First – the kittens can be born with small spots on ears and muzzle. This is not a defect but a feature, with age they disappear.

Second white Maine coons with blue eyes can be deaf, but with different colored eyes (green and blue) – I do not hear in one ear. Before buying, check this point, if it is significant for you personally – actually cats without samovygulu from the lack of hearing does not suffer, well oriented in space at the expense of vibrissal and leading a normal life.

Looking at the Royal tail-fan of the Maine Coon, seems like it will need special care. This lot of white cats of other breeds. Wool yellow, covered with rusty spots, dumped without special shampoos. With "cats-raccoons" this rule is not working. They are quite unpretentious, big difference in care for black and white Maine Coon will not. To keep in the bathroom for a line of whitening shampoos and conditioners do not have. Unless, of course, feed the cat correctly.

Plain white shade of wool in the international system EMS note code W. Digital mark, which is attached to it, means drawing if any.

  • van – 01 – a small spot.
  • harlequin – 02 – is assigned when the 2/3 of the hair a white tone.
  • Bicolor – 03 – dual color cat.
  • White spots - 09 – if the white tone is less than half coat.

Other encodings have adopted other breeds, Maine Coon cattery is not valid.

Home decoration white "Coon cats" eyes. Bright, large, they look like colored gems of extraordinary beauty. There are blue, green, red, yellow and amber. 100 years ago the rich ladies of America chose "Maine Coon" (aboriginal cats from Maine) with eyes the color of the stones favorite rings – such was the fashion. Blue-eyed Maine Coon cattery during cabin conversations held aristocrat with cubic Zirconia and sapphires on his fingers, connoisseur emeralds chose the green-eyed fuzzies and so on.

Today, fans of snow-white beauties is not oriented to fashion and your own taste. Choose the kitten that you like. Near cat in any case, everything in the house will be special! And most importantly – your mood!

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