Buy black or white kitten Maine Coon

Want to buy black kitten Maine Coon? Or would like to get the white fuzzies? You should know that this breed of cats is truly amazing. It combines pretty brutal external features and gentle nature. Buy black male Maine Coon or a girl of a different color - the question that you need to decide wisely.


Who should buy a black girl a Maine Coon?

the Maine Coon breed of cats, known especially large sizes. Apparently cats are more like a proud forest lynx than mild home "purring". In spite of the entirely wild, rough appearance, the overwhelming number of happy owners have to say about cats only in enthusiastic tones. They point to their kindness, gentle nature, flexible, unparalleled fidelity. In the past the criteria for breed Maine Coon can compete with the dogs. It becomes clear that it encourages people not to feel sorry for means and buy white kitten Maine Coon.

Intrigued? Then don't forget to buy this kitten with your hands or have a casual passer-by impossible - this breed of cats is a rare and expensive. Our Pets have international certification that gives us the full right to advise you of the best representatives of such a wonderful and valuable breed.

Where to buy a white girl a Maine Coon?


the answer to the question about the approximate price of a kitten will always give the breeder or those who deals with cats on a professional level. We belong to the second category, and state - fixed prices on Maine Coon just doesn't exist. To determine the cost of the animal, you should take into account its color, ancestry.

Where buy white boy Maine Coon and be confident in his health? Only certified kennel. On our website you can buy a kitten Maine Coon variety of colors with all the pedigree and documents about the condition. We are also always ready to recommend reliable partners engaged in breeding on a professional level.

For complete information about the kitten just go to the link with the date of birth of the litter. All kittens have their own profile page with photo and data requirements.

Big friendly cat in your home

the Maine Coon is a clear proof that cats are the object of mass stereotypes. Many people mistakenly believe that the tigers can't be loyal to the owner, and are very selfish. The Maine Coon has a trait that allows you to associate it with a dog - so loyal and obedient to grow these cats. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to acquire a purring, loyal friend today!

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