History and description of the breed Maine Coon, advice on housing and feeding.

Breed "Maine Coon" appeared in the U.S. in the second half of the nineteenth century. The English name "Maine Coon" comes from the name of the homeland of these amazing animals of Maine, and "raccoon", which means "raccoon." Quite large and fluffy, Maine coons really like raccoons.
for the First time the breed became a member of the new York and Boston exhibitions in 1861. This handsome cat has been very impressive name - Captain Jenks-of-sea-horse.
the Ancestors of Captain Jenks and all the modern Maine Coon had cats that lived on the American farms. Half-savage life and the severe nature of the North America largely determined their appearance and character.

Although the "Central club fans Maine Coon" was created in 1963 in the United States, and she the breed has existed for over a century and is actively represented on exhibitions, official permission to participate in such events was obtained only in 1976.

Weight and body composition

Among pet purring Maine coons are real heavyweights. Weight adult females can reach eight, male – fifteen pounds. The height at the withers ranges from 30 to 50 centimeters. Animals have large, muscular, big-boned body and a massive head with large pointed ears topped with tassels. The tail is fluffy, long, wide at the base and tapering to the tip.


Initially the proud name of the Maine Coon had a right to wear only the cat coloring black tabby (tiger). In the process of formation of breed standards a list of recognized colors has expanded considerably. It includes:
- tabby (striped and spotted);
- solid (solid) is a solid;
smoky (smokis);
- with white markings;

- other colours (tabby pattern, tortoiseshell, calico).


Maine coons have a balanced, peaceful nature. Power good-natured giants get along well with other animals, get along with children. Possessing solid size, they can't stand excessive Tuscany and hugs. Prefer not to sit on his knees, and the feet of the master. From them impressive size comes another interesting feature: Maine coons, unlike other baleen do not like to climb on a narrow cornices, shelves, lockers.

They are active and inquisitive, but at the same time very neat. Agile, playful, but in any case not annoying.

Care and maintenance

Котенок Мейнкун Илберт Москва
The size of Maine coons do not hinder them to live in the average apartment. Like other cats, they choose their own place in the house preferring high, but solid objects. Perfect option for them will be a big cat house with a wide bench.
As their ancestors, Maine coons love to walk in the fresh air and hunting. Also they are well adapted to urban conditions. And necessary for such strong muscled animal physical activity can obtain during the game and walks. Maine coons are easily accustomed to walking and is quite tolerant to any kind of sakam and leashes. What for games, simulation of hunting and catching prey – the perfect entertainment option for them.

Nature has given Maine Coon gorgeous thick hair. It is less problematic compared to wool, for example, of the Persians, but also needs regular care. Comb pet should be at least once a week (during moulting more often). In addition, Pets need regular washing. Maine coons bear bathing, sometimes even like water.


Котенок Мейнкун Илберт Москва
Cat breed Maine Coon on the average consume up to two times more food on compared to smaller breeds. When choosing a diet, there are three option: natural products, industrial feeds and mixed feed.
Natural nutrition Maine Coon about 80 percent will consist of meat and offal. Preference should be given low-fat beef and veal, chicken. Chicken giblets (liver, heart, stomach), beef liver and scars are also included in the main diet. The remaining 20 percent of food - eggs (better quail), milk products, cereals, vegetables, seafood, greens and Goodies.
is invalid feeding Maine coons (and other cats too) cheap industrial food. It has an attractive taste to animals, but low in nutrients and unbalanced composition. The animal is trying to eat as much as possible delicious smelling "dummy" that leads to obesity. In the long the future use of the forage economy class can cause serious illness of the kidneys and gastrointestinal tract. Best for Maine coons fit products premium. It should be chosen on the basis of age, health and taste preferences of the pet. You need to keep in mind what veterinarians do not recommend to frequently change the brand and mixing feed different manufacturers.

Mixed feeding, although it is chosen by some breeders, is very controversial. As industrial feed fully balanced, the inclusion in the diet of additional products can lead to excessive or insufficient of any substance. What can to lead to serious health problems.

the Maine Coon is a beautiful and unusual cat with a rich history. And let now they are valued not for hunting qualities, these "little tigers" continue to win the hearts of people around the world.

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