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Corcovada with experience joke: the clothes have to buy the color coat your cat. Decided to buy a kitten Maine Coon color bicolor? Then you have the choice of wardrobe is expanding to two shades!

If you are still in the process of learning information about breed, the question may arise: "What color bicolor the Maine Coon?" Answer: it is a combination of colors, in which white tone is a 50% coat.

the Locations of the second hue can impress even the freaky designer. Here to you and "hats" and "masks", and "tuxedos", and "capes" and other "walk-in closets" delights. Shade bicolor have a Maine Coon according to the international classification marks with the number 03.

Sometimes erroneously any two-tone cat is called bicolor. This is wrong – each type of colors to its name. Van – colored head and tail harlequin large Islands of color on a white background etc. Genuine Maine Coon bicolor is the ratio of the shades 1:1. White wool can be part of a solid (solid):

  • red.
  • black;
  • blue.

Or multicolor: tabby, tortie, etc.

the Most famous bicolor cat named Cupid lives in Australia. He became famous while his owner went to take out the trash, stole it right out of the living room. But the animal has $3,000 was truly ravenous. Not being able to feed, the thief decided to return to Cupid. However, I couldn't get along with the cat in the window. To retrieve the hapless thief had rescuers and police. This footage was shown on the news the whole world, making the cat a legend.

the Decision to buy a kitten of breed Maine Coon color bicolor is a great choice for those who appreciate:

  • bright stately animal;
  • rich color without much variegation;
  • funny contrast between the stern facial expression and a soft toy coloring book;
  • charming and sometimes funny spots;
  • personality of the cat - because the color of each beast is unique!

a Solid color (solid) against the background bicolorand looks more severe, more restrained, and the attention in this case focuses on the silhouette of the animal, the traits of his muzzle, tail, fur. These cats are impressive in exhibitions, photos.

two Maine coons in contrast, "warmer", "home", "cozy", they can be viewed indefinitely. "Clothes" these animals can be compared with attire Haute couture: some like bright intricate style Dolce&Gabbana, and someone prefers little black dress from Chanel. What is the cat breed Maine Coon to choose – you decide, but any of them will decorate your life!

"If there's a cat, everything is special... even loneliness," wrote James Bowen. What happens if you have a special cat? The harmony of man and beast, because the affinity can be not only between people but also between man and animal!

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