Compare kitten Maine Coon kittens other breeds : British, Bengali, Scottish


If you want to buy a pet from the cat family, but have not decided which breed is most suitable for you. To begin with let's compare the most popular breeds of dog today.

more and more fans win the cat British fold. How do they differ from other popular breeds?

A comparison of the characters of cats: Maine Coon

the Kittens of this breed are very playful and friendly, they grow to about 3-5 years. And grow large animals. But for all its large size, they have a delicate grace and Royal look noble. They have extraordinary intelligence and respond well to education. These cats have dignity and never beg for food or eating from another bowl.

you Also won't have problems with broken vases or dangling Wallpaper and scratched furniture. They behave well and peaceful, as befits the aristocrats. Another interesting feature is the voice of this animal, they make very melodic and pleasant sounds, or as not compatible with their large size.

If you decide to take a kitten of breed Maine-Coon, to contain it is not difficult, because their coat is very silky and it almost does not tangle.

A comparison of the characters of cats: British and Scottish breed

Comparing British and Scottish breed with breed Maicon on size more suitable for the British, but he certainly will not be such elegance and grace. The British are more stocky and have wide bone. Kittens Scottish and British alike. But the Scots have a more elongated flexible body. The nature of these rocks is highly controversial.

the British are more suitable for families where there are children.Because British cats are inherently introverts, like isolation and loneliness. And prefer to live my life. So the cat will not become a friend to your child and he will be bored with it.

more Scots want to communicate with people and even bored when the owners are not home.

But neither the Scottish nor the British do not like when their long hands and tortured his affection children.It is therefore very obsessive child, can get aggressive back, up to the discharge of their claws. You can not say about the breed Mei-kun, they are friendly, gentle and very affectionate.

And will never harm your child, and easy to get along with other Pets due to its loving and calm disposition.

A comparison of the characters of cats: Bengal breed

Comparing another popular breed of cat, like a Bengal with the breed Maine Coon. Let's say that this breed is super active cats, but living with them can not everyone. Although they are attached to the owners and become their true friends. All Bengal cats require a high almost round the clock attention and if you are not willing to communicate with them is the amount of time, it is best to think about before you get this animal. The Bengalis are very talkative and make plenty of sounds, so if you like peace and quiet, you will be hard to get along with this cat. Above all else for these cats the freedom and they really do not love when them take on hands.


Choosing for yourself or your children, Pets, always prefer the more peaceful and calm cat breeds, which will become your best friends and will not cause you extra grief and hassle!

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