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Buy kitten mainecoon colored by Черный мрамор MCO n22 in town Astrakhan

Viveka Yarl
Viveka Yarl
Viveka Yarl
Viveka Yarl
Viveka Yarl



Любимцы | Разведение 30000₽ | 45000₽

За пределы России

Любимцы: 45000₽ | 720$ | 640€

Разведение: 65000₽ | 1040$ | 920€

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Affectionate girl, loves handles, toys, and food. Obedient, good-natured child, and will delight moms and dads as its loud rumbling.

Color: Черный мрамор MCO n22

Date of birth: Feb. 13, 2019

Town: Astrakhan


About parents

Parents are Champions, stanadrt WCF


shipping to Russia about 5000r

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