Buy kitten mainecoon colored by красный мрамор MCO d 22 in town Voronezh

Richard (Ричард)
Richard (Ричард)
Richard (Ричард)
Richard (Ричард)

Richard (Ричард) из питомника.


Pet | Breed 45000Р | 0Р


Pet | Breed: 1010$ | 0$

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Large, tolstosumy, playful, bright, very good natured boy) will Grow huge!

Color: красный мрамор MCO d 22

Date of birth: Oct. 8, 2019

Town: Voronezh

About parents

Летящая БабочкаCharles (Чарльз)
Parents are Champions, stanadrt FIFE


Shipping to Russia about 6000r

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