Buy kitten mainecoon colored by Черепаховый MCO f in town Krasnodar


Андрамеда из питомника.


In pet: 600$
In Breed 930$

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Kitty actiony, and have the status of a Brit - class, a great option for those who wants to do exhibitions.

in the club.

the Offspring is very large, with a pronounced pedigree data, a fluffy that was passed down from father and mother, my charming kids - parents. Excellent pedigree. 

the Price is a metric from external and internal parasites treated required marks and seals are vaccinated by age

Color: Черепаховый MCO f

Date of birth: April 13, 2020

Town: Krasnodar

System: FIFE

Weight: 2.3

About parents


Байла вес 5.0кг

Спокойная, ласковая кошка с выраженными породными данными. Отличная родословная.АрамисАрамис

Арамис вес 6.0кг

Кот с ярко выроженными породными качествами. Чемпион породы.

Parents are Champions, stanadrt FIFE


Shipping to Russia about 6000r

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